Staff training

Lower Peover Primary School, Cheshire

The reception teacher at Lower Peover School found out about Pedal & Scoot on the ABC Does website, and booked a staff training day, so that the school staff could then deliver the cycling sessions.  This training day was attended by the reception class teacher & teaching assistant, and the schools’ sports coach, with funding coming from the schools PE and sports premium.  The following feedback, from the reception teacher, demonstrates how the training day has been an ideal springboard for the schools’ cycling provision:

“As a staff we found the training day extremely valuable, showing us how to support and guide children to become confident riders from whichever point they were at. Watching the children develop their skills and confidence within one session was very rewarding. Seeing some of the children ride for the first time without stabilisers was extremely exciting and we were amazed at how quickly it is possible to go from being a non-rider to being able to ride without stabilisers.

“To take the cycling forward we have invited parents in during ‘stay and play’ afternoons. Getting parents involved has been valuable in developing school – parent relationships, allowing us to share the activities in developing riding skills we learnt during the training and working together to achieve a shared goal. Holding sessions with parents has meant that parents feel involved in this developmental stage and many have continued to practise the activities at home. We have had only positive feedback from parents and they have found the Pedal & Scoot programme informative and valuable.

“As a school it is certainly something we would recommend, we originally had 8 children who could ride without stabilisers, we now have 16 children who can ride without stabilisers and that continues to increase.”


The Loyne Specialist School, Lancaster

Annie had been working with pupils at the Loyne School for a year, and staff were keen to learn how they could support their pupils when learning how to ride a bike.  Annie delivered a morning and afternoon training session, for 4-5 staff at a time, and covered the theory and practise of how to set up the bikes and teach children to ride.  Staff were then able to work with individual pupils with Annie’s support, in order to discover the best ways of motivating and enabling each child to reach their cycling goals. The staff gained a lot from the training; here is what some of them they had to say:

“Brilliant training, Annie makes it look easy but it’s not!”

“I learnt how to adjust a bike so that it is safe to ride.”

“It really helped to work with the children.”

“Really enjoyed the course, informative and helpful.”

“I’m looking forward to taking the children out in the playground to practise their skills.”

To find out more about how Pedal & Scoot worked with the Loyne school, visit the SEN cycling page.




The big wide world

"The great majority of us first learn to ride as a child, the bicycle a type of 'transitional object', taking us away to really explore the bigger world for the first time out of the sight of our parents, our first real taste of independence and freedom. It's the symbolic moment when horizons broaden, possibilities open up; you are moving under your own power, controlling where you want to go."

– Mike Carter 'One Man and His Bike'

Ready Pedal Go!