SEN Cycling

The Loyne Specialist School, Lancaster

“We wanted to write and say thank you for all your hard work with teaching our students, leading bike rides, advising us on new bikes and of course training the staff. It’s been absolutely fabulous to have such a great emphasis on bike riding this past year. We are really very very grateful to you. You’ve been brilliant with our students.

“At the Loyne Specialist School, children have a range of disabilities and learning difficulties. Many of these pupils experience some difficulties with balance and coordination and take longer than usual to learn to ride a bicycle. Annie has provided weekly sessions to help identified pupils learn the skills of riding a two wheeled bicycle. She has also delivered a training session for adults to provide interested staff with the skills in supporting pupils in learning to ride two-wheelers.

“At the Loyne we now have a huge cohort of cyclists at all levels. This has meant that Annie has been able to lead different ability groups out on half day and full day cycle rides within the local vicinity.”

Pedal & Scoot delivered weekly sessions at the Loyne School for over a year, from 2013 -2014.  For more details about Pedal & Scoot activities, please visit our schools page.


The big wide world

"The great majority of us first learn to ride as a child, the bicycle a type of 'transitional object', taking us away to really explore the bigger world for the first time out of the sight of our parents, our first real taste of independence and freedom. It's the symbolic moment when horizons broaden, possibilities open up; you are moving under your own power, controlling where you want to go."

– Mike Carter 'One Man and His Bike'

Ready Pedal Go!