One-to-one cycling

Pedal and Scoot offers individual cycling lessons to people of all ages.  The lessons take place in a local park that is convenient to you, in the Lancaster area.

Here’s a short video of a 4 year old boy who had just mastered how to start and stop by himself.

Please do get in touch to find out more.

More one-to-one case studies to follow.


The big wide world

"The great majority of us first learn to ride as a child, the bicycle a type of 'transitional object', taking us away to really explore the bigger world for the first time out of the sight of our parents, our first real taste of independence and freedom. It's the symbolic moment when horizons broaden, possibilities open up; you are moving under your own power, controlling where you want to go."

– Mike Carter 'One Man and His Bike'

Ready Pedal Go!