About Ed


I love bikes and I’m delighted to be delivering cycle training alongside Kathy at Pedal & Scoot.

I have taught people of all ages & abilities to get pedalling. It’s great to see young people develop confidence and independence through cycling.

I have also led bike maintenance workshops for young people; repairing and restoring donated bikes. I have helped colleagues and groups to discover safe cycling routes, and to go on cycle journeys through towns, cities and countryside.

I am a qualified National Standards Cycle Instructor and a Sustrans Ride Leader.

For over 15 years I have delivered drama, art and outdoor therapeutic group work with schools, youth and community groups, and in health care settings. These include the Prince’s Trust, Mencap, the NHS, Manchester Young Boys’ Network, Bendrigg Trust in Cumbria, and, most recently, 42nd Street in Manchester.  I am also a visiting lecturer for the School of Nursing (Learning Disabilities) at the University of Cumbria.

Some of the most satisfying work I have done has been with young people exploring the outdoors. A great way of doing this is on a bike!




The big wide world

"The great majority of us first learn to ride as a child, the bicycle a type of 'transitional object', taking us away to really explore the bigger world for the first time out of the sight of our parents, our first real taste of independence and freedom. It's the symbolic moment when horizons broaden, possibilities open up; you are moving under your own power, controlling where you want to go."

– Mike Carter 'One Man and His Bike'

Ready Pedal Go!